Seven Deadly Sins

Adventure Summary:

The party is hired by Calfcow to escort a caravan of horses for a man named Stefan in Sukiskyn, a city up the river. The party plans to take a boat to Misha’s ferry, and then travel overland to Sukiskyn. On the way, we are attacked by a group of thugs, including one of the boat rowers. After the fight, we interrogate the rower, who lets slip that he is working for a slaving organization, the Iron Ring, under a wizard named Golthar.

Once we arrive at Misha’s ferry, we find the ferry mistress dead and her bear rampaging around. Attempts to calm the bear and tend his wounds end with the bear and the party having less hit points than before. Once we make our way to Sukiskyn, we find it is being attacked by three clans of goblins: Wolfskull, Viper and Redblade. Naturally, we help to kill them. The horse owners, Daria and Piotr, tell us that the Viper goblin clan has taken the horses. We find the horses trail and track them to the scene of some goblin on goblin crime. A surviving Viper tells us that the Wolfskull goblins have stolen the horses from the Viper goblins. We learn the location of the Wolfskull camp and that the Viper leader’s name is Jaggadash.

After continuing to track the horses, we come across a horse dealer camp: turns out the Wolfskulls have sold the horses to some lady named Phenol. She rips us of by making us buy the horses back from her. We continue on in hopes of finding money to recoup our losses in the goblin camps. The Redblade camp is empty except for a small amount of gp. At the Wolfskull camp (after killing some goblins) we find some old lady who claims that the Wolfskulls had captured some village people for slaving purposes and had sent them to Golthar in the city of Xitaqa. For some reason, we head off for some tombs. My notes are unclear on this. Anyway, when we get there, they are super creepy and not exactly brimming with loot. Maybe there was a map here?

We find out that Stefan has been kidnapped and taken to Golthar’s evil!lair in Xitaqa. Off on a rescue mission! Goltharescapes our grasp, but we find a strange golden needle and thread. Stefan shows us some tapestry in Sukiskyn that is related to the needle/thread and when we stick the needle in the tapestry, it shows a map and a glowing golden area to the north.


Taking goblin as my second language would have come in more handy if the rest certain members of the party was more concerned with keeping someone alive to interrogate and less concerned with killing indiscriminately (you know who you are!)

Golthar and Goblins

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