Lucien Hyraxos


The nephew of the king of Karameikos who likes to gad about in disguise, presumably sowing his royal oats or something. He got himself captured by the Iron ring and it was the party’s job to rescue him after he gets a firsthand glimpse at what goes on in ye olde evil barony (slavery wise).

Unfortunately, he was bought by the Sleeper Cult for sacrifice in their ritual to bring their nasty fetus-mummy god thing back to life. The party resurrected him in Belev and is dragged him along while investigating local suspicious goings-on. Lucien kicked a rock into the gnoll-monster summoning chamber when we were observing the evil baron’s ritual and nearly got the party Bargled.

Judging by what’s happened to him since the party began their quest to rescue him, I deduce that Lucien is either monumentally air-headed or has really, really bad luck. I’m going with the former.

Lucien Hyraxos

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