Shadowelf cleric of Raiel whose group is trying to take down the slavers in order to gain the favor of the king of Karameikos. We had a bit of a spat with them in which they revealed themselves to enjoy the cheap trick of blinding ranged fighters all the time (insert fist shake here). We called a truce and agreed to meet up with him after we completed the Lucien/Paela mission. Squidterba had other plans. Eventually, we did meet back up with him and then explained the situation. We travelled to meet his party, who had luckily been tracking a band of slavers. After we figured out where the slavers were meeting and heard about Lucien being sold to the Sleeper douches, Adari helped the party out with a fight with the cultists and then dragged poor Lucien’s be-spiked body to safety for us.

Currently, we were discussing how to complete the Lucien/Paela mission with him when he ran off claiming some dudes were coming for him. The party started a bar fight to distract some guard-ish dudes with hourglass insignias on them from following Adari. Who these dudes are and why they are after him is unknown.

Adari is tall and strong but refuses to bear weapons due to one of his oaths to Raiel. He is very religious and is quick to educate listeners (willing or not) on the tenets of Raiel. Raiel is the immortal patron of the Shadow elves who embodies the dual aspects of shadow and light. These represent the harsh/protective nature of the immortal and Shadow elf society in general. ~Scott


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