Talia Fleetfoot

Elf Ranger, uses twin blades


Initiative +8 Movement speed = 7

ABILITY Str 19 (+4) Con 12 (+1) Dex 17 (+3) Int 9 (-1) Wis 16 (+3) Cha 9 (-1)

Hit Points: Max HP 74; bloodied 37; Healing Surge +18; Healing surges per day 7

DEFENSES AC 23 Fort 22 Ref 22 Will 20

EQUIPMENT Main hand: Lifedrinker Longsword +2 other hand: Adamantine Bastard sword +2 Armor: +1 Veterans Hide Armor Arms: Iron Armbands of Power Feet: Boots of wildrunners Hands: Luckbender gloves neck: Cloak of the Walking Wounded demonskin tattoo


At-Will Hit and Run Twin Strike

Encounter Elven Accuracy Dire Wolverine Strike Thundertusk Boar Strike Claws of the Griffen

Utility Yield Ground Serpentine Doge Hunting Party

Daily Sudden Strike Two Wolf Pounce Attacks on the Run


An Elf Ranger skilled at two weapon fighting (currently uses warhammers). She is pretty, but doesn’t have that ethereal beauty that most elves have, so is considered rather plain by her own race, a topic that caused her to be more rebellious, rejecting training with the bow that her parents specialized in and journeying away from home. Since joining the Seven Sins adventurer group she has developed an unrequited love for the Teifling cleric who continually rejects her advances. This causes quite a bit of rage that she’s forced to spend out in her fighting.

Not really the smartest or most interesting character, but is quite skilled in fighting and is really very acrobatic (you’d think Flor the cleric would see this as a bonus).

Has a tendency to squint, also has a pronounced scar running down her right upper arm from a misbegotten moonshine drinking competition (that’s all she remembers).

Talia Fleetfoot

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