Tall, thick. Gold with gold eyes. Purple tattoos. Chews tobacco.


Magical Equipment

  • Weapon: Bastard sword (+3)
  • Armor: Scale Armor (+1 Dwarven)
  • Arms: Shield of Protection +?
  • Head: Gym of Colloquy
  • Neck: Amulet of Physical Resolve +2
  • Some gloves of grapple
  • Ballerina shoes (fey lacings or something?)

Trained Skills

  • Athletics
  • Diplomacy
  • History
  • Intimidate


  • Common
  • Draconic
  • Giant


Sin: Pride

Physical Description: 25 years old, dragonborn, 6’7” and 287 lbs.

Personality: Bossy. Quiet when there’s nothing important to say, but when speaks up, persuasive (diplomatically so, or, when necessary, intimidatingly so). Very dutiful. Values honor too much. Generally a little wary of people.

Alignment: Lawful good.

History: When Elhaym was found as a baby, Zlata Kultania (6 at the time) convinced fellow dragonborns to keep her. They became sister-like. Zlata studied history, married, had some little dragonborns. Husband and sons were killed while out with a trading caravan. In same year, Elhaym grew up and the dragonborns didn’t want to be responsible for her anymore; essentially kicked her out. Zlata, still grieving, would have none of that and went with Elly.

Paragon Path Story: (Platinum warlord) While grieving for her husband and sons, she found solace in (and/or became fanatical and frightening about) Bahamut-worship. After the harrowing Bargle battle, when Elly went all barbaric, she found a Bahamut temple and retreated there, confused and depressed. She must have found a sweet Bahamut sensei in there, because she came out with some new tricks and an even scarier devotion to the dragon dude. She also foaming-at-the-mouth hates followers of Tiamat now, and may or may not have paranoid delusions that they’re behind everything bad that happens. Ever.


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