Ancient Teifling Cleric


The History of Flor

Flor was born into servitude six centuries ago, commanded to serve the Lord Vechnaht, one of the few tieflings remaining with direct ties to the underwold and demon ancestry. He lived in a  place of underground caverns surrounded by temples of all kinds, but all he saw for the first few decades was the kitchens where he scrubbed pots and plates.
Lord Vecknaht was one of the last remaining tiefling with an influence in the dealing of the demon realms and as such he lived in a sphere of influence much sought after by anyone in power. Most of those coming to ask for favors however were those of the various churches of the world above. Men looking to increase their power over their subjects. Lord Vecknaht always found it humorous to watch the men of faith come groveling to him for special request to the demons he knew. Their caravans normally were loaded with gold from the coffers of the devout. Lord Vecknaht however always put them up in the best rooms and showed them great hospitality when they were there.
At the young age of 25 Flor was discovered while cleaning a spill in the banquet hall while an elderly Priest of Pelor had been visiting, pleading with Vecknaht for a favor of a particular relic from Vecknahts own vaults. In between courses of dinner the priest happened to glance at Flor, a glance that Vecknaht had seen in the humans before, a look that was dark with need and want. With a simple word to his chamberlain, Flor had been reassigned.
Flor was moved to a new area of the palace he hadn't been before, that of the Guest quarters. Nervous and apprehensive other servants bathed and prepared him for his first night of service to the visiting priest. Unskilled in seduction, he was given an item that was promised to help, a pink codpiece that would give him additional skills that he would require for that night.  Also it would mark his new status, so all in the house would know his new position.
500 Years later, Flor was still a servant at the guest house, his youthful appearance and energy levels made him a favorite of the various generations of Priests who came knocking on Vecknahts door looking for some bauble, or a favor of the demons he was in contact with. For Vecknaht it worked wonderfully as with their sudden interest in Flor, he could always get away demanding more tribute, extra mountains of gold, or even human sacrifices. And in the end he could turn them away completely if he so desired, with the knowledge Vecknaht could blackmail them at any point he wished. All was well in the lands of Vecknaht.
This was until a priest of Erathis came to call upon Vecknaht once again looking for that particular relic the preist of Pelor had come for so long ago. The human priest Cornelius had little interest in other men, was very devout, and believed that Erathis was a truly great and just god. As Vecknaht drew out the negotiations day after day, Cornelius began talking with Flor about his history and time in the employ of Vecknaht. Cornelius spent several weeks in the home of Vecknaht, each day getting more and more frustrated, but each evening taking time to explain the teachings of Erathis to Flor who was so amazed by the mans words, as well as by his actions.
Right around Flors 550th birthday as negotiations had drug on for moths at that point, Flor was sitting alone in Cornelius' chambers, awaiting his next lesson when the door burst open and stumbled in a bloodied Cornelius in full armor. One hand wrapped tightly around his sword, the other around a cloth sack. Flor rushed to aid his newfound friend and mentor, to call out for help, but Cornelius stopped him. "I can not make it, but the order must be given this relic as it holds the key to our future. Flor, you must take this to the temple in Karameikos, there is no one else I can trust, take my ring with you so they will know you speak for me. Go ... GO now!" With that he pushed the cloth sack and ring into Flor's hands and pushed him toward the door.
Flor ran, with no real knowledge of the outside world he ran beyond the edges of Vecknahts relm and gradually up to the human lands. Scrounging for food, he came across a group of men he stopped them to ask for directions and pity of any food they could spare. He gave the captain his best 'come hither' look and a small wink. The captain began yelling and throwing things calling for his men they beat Flor close to death and took the cloth sack from him. Captain Linth opened the sack and peaked in and a look of surprise passed his face. "Where did you get this?!" he demanded. Flor could only murmur, he had to get it to the temple of Erathis in Karamikos. Linth just laughed, "I don't believe you will be brining this to those priests, but you can rest in the knowledge that it did just save your life. Men throw him out with the trash"
Many days later Flor awoke in a small hut somewhere, his wounds had been tended to, but his entire body was swollen and sore. A young woman tended to him, brought him salves for the pain and the wounds as Flor passed in and out of consciousness. As Flor began to feel strong enough to possibly walk, the young woman came up to him and dropped a ring in the palm of his hand. "I don't know where you go this, but I found it with you when I first came across you .... you should go now" The first words she had said to him this entire time, and with them, she ran out of the hut in tears.
Flor confused, wounded, and exhausted took a small pile of provisions that seemed to have been left out for him, and slowly stumbled out of the hut, determined to complete his journey because the Preists needed to know. But sure some day he would return to this hut, to say his thanks.
Several more weeks of slow travel and skirting most villages and towns finally brought Flor to the front gates of the temple of Erathis. Banging on the door with what little strength he had left, just begging for an audience. Several long minutes passed before a priest surrounded by 6 armed guards opened the door. "What is your business here Demon"
"I have come with a message from Priest Cornelius, he has sent me from the home of Vecknaht with his ring as proof of what I say"
Warily the priest approached, and took the ring, eyeing both it and Flor very carefully. Finally he decided to bring Flor in, and ready some bread and water for him. While Flor gnawed hungrily at the bread set before him, he tried to retell the entire story of his time with Cornelius and about his wish to become a priest as well, here at the temple. When he told the priest Cornelius had successfully retrieved the relic, the priest got excited, but quickly grew very upset at the tale of Captain Linth stealing it from him. A sense of disbelief settled into the priest as if he believed Flor had sold the relic to feed himself.
With the story over, Flor pleaded with the priest to let him stay, become a priest, as he wanted and Cornelius believed he could be. Very reluctantly the head priest agreed, setting him up with a small room with a cot, and some simple plain robes.
For 32 years Flor remained in the temple, an errand boy, a maid, a janitor, a whipping boy. Whenever he wished to study the ways of erathis there was always some reason he priests came up with as to why he couldn't. Things that needed to be done, or some form of punishment for what he had done wrong. 32 years and he had finally had enough. under his bed he had stored the few items he had collected over the years, a small dagger, a few gold, a pair of pants, and a tunic, as well as his old pink codpiece. The time had come for him to head off, and see if he could complete the task at hand. Find Linth and retrieve the relic the priests so desperately wanted. Only then might he be accepted into the ranks of Erathis, and allowed to learn and seek penance for his deeds.


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