• main hand: bloodcurse rod + 2
  • off hand: rod of corruption + 1
  • armor: leather armor + 2 of repulsion
  • hands: gloves of eldritch admixture
  • neck: clasp of noble sacrifice + 3
  • head: circlet of indomitability
  • arms: bracers of perfect shot
  • ring: ring of fire blazing
  • feet: boots of eagerness, heroic tier
Trained skills
  • thievery
  • arcana
  • bluff
  • history
  • insight
  • streetwise
Languages known
  • common
  • goblin
  • infernal

Aurelia is a star pact warlock and her function in the party is as a striker.

Physical description: Aurelia is a 16 year old human female. She is 5’ tall with a willowy build. She is an albino, and thus has very pale hair and skin. Her eyes, once pale blue, are now an unnatural shade of purple due to her status as a student of Caiphon. She has loosly curling hair and wears a pair of sunglasses both to protect her sensitive eyes and to enhance her sight.

Personality: Serious, bookish, seeking to prove her worth to herself and others, prefers to take a logical approach versus a passionate one and overly analytical of situations (prefers to debate rather than decide most of the time). Though she is slow to jump to conclusions and doesn’t often anger easily, she can hold a grudge pretty fiercely. She has serious issues with being helpless (or perceived as helpless) and a strong desire for power. Her personality has taken on a more chaotic bent recently due to the Far Realm powers she channels as a warlock.

Alignment: Chaotic good. Aurelia respects authority/the law as long as she feels it is just and logical but has no compunction when it comes to breaking the law to uphold her personal sense of morality. She decides more often on the basis of what is fair/just in her eyes versus what is the letter of the law. She tends to land on the side of good but is brutal in her opinions on punishment of those guilty of especially heinous crimes (rapists, slavers, etc). As time goes on and the chaos of her pact influences her more she becomes more erratic in her decisions and less likely to err on the side of law.

History: Aurelia was raised in Glantri, a country where the ruling council of princes is made up entirely of sorcerers and other spellcasters are dismissed as unworthy and weak since their powers were learned instead of inherited. As the eldest child, Aurelia was presumed the family heir for most of her youth, until it could no longer be ignored that she had not inhertied her father’s sorcerous powers and her younger sister was named in her place. This left Aurelia with an intense desire to prove herself and for a power to rival a sorcerer’s that drives many of her actions. While researching paths that might lead her to acheive her goal, she remembered an encounter she had when she was about 10, when a strange man told her about the vast power there was to be gained by pledging herself to the entities of the Far Realm. This experience combined with her own chaotic leanings led her to become a Star Pact warlock. Realizing that she would never reach her true potential in a place where she would always be viewed as a lower class of spellcaster, she travelled to Karameikos with the intent of returning to Glantri once she was powerful enough to prove her point.

What Aurelia did not forsee, however, was the effect channeling the energies of the Far Realm would have on her. Over time they subtly tainted her thoughts with chaos and she began to have dreams of a brightly burning purple star, hear the name Caiphon whispered though her mind. Beleiving the star had a special purpose for her, Aurelia concentrated her studies on Caiphon, after which the dreams intensified. Though these dreams left her with fleeting memories of horrors not meant for human eyes, she continued her studies, convinced they were but a test of her strength of will. Her dedication finally bore fruit after she fell in battle with Bargle and found herself in another dream, this time consumed by a purple fire. When she awoke, she knew Caiphon had welcomed her as a worthy student, and he began to whisper in her ear, a constant presence. Her once blue irises took on an unnatural purple hue that expanded to cover all of her eyes when she was angered or called upon her patron star in combat, an ever present sign that she had been marked as one of the dream star’s own.


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