Brief Summary of Karaemeikos Adventures

Brief summary of the adventures in Karameikos:

The party spent much of the past adventures in the country of Karameikos fighting a slaving organization called the Iron Ring. They operated out of the Black Eagle Barony, run by Baron von Hendricks. His castle was called Fort Doom (for reals). The king of Karameikos, Stefan, didn’t believe any of the bad stuff he heard about the Baronsince they were related and the Baron had saved his life once (a story he related to us). The party managed to maneuver the king’s grandson, Lucien, into a position to see the evil firsthand. We witnessed a ritual in which the Baron and his wizard Bargle summoned some giant gnoll and a gnoll army to take over the country. We reported back to the king who finally saw the light and sent us in to assassinate Barlge while a halfling army took out the Baron. We succeeded (barely) and partied chezng Stefan for a while until we left with Adari for shadowelf-topia.

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Brief Summary of Karaemeikos Adventures

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