The campaign begins in the kingdom of Karameikos, a small nation on the southern coast of the continent of Brun. Despite recent growth, Karameikos is still largely a frontier nation carved out of the thick forests that blanket the realm. Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings all make their homes there. Trade with other nations brings a steady stream of visitors, adding to the diversity of the population.


The northern border of Karameikos is formed by a continuous line of mountains. Most of Karameikos is made up of rolling foothills thickly covered with woods, save for a narrow region along the coast of the Sea of Dread to the south.


What is remembered of the ancient history of Karameikos is the age of Halav, wherein the great king of that name repulsed the Beast-Men that threatened the small civilization in the region. This time gave rise to the three primary immortals venerated in Karameikos: Halav, Petra, and Zirchev. After many years spent recovering from the invasion of the Beast-Men, the people (now calling themselves Traldarans) began to build a stronger nation. The neighboring nations took notice of this and it was not long before the most powerful of them, Thyatis, conquered the Traldarans. The area remained just a border outpost until a wealthy Thyatian noblemen by the name of Stefan Karameikos III traded his inheritance to the Emperor of Thyatis in exchange for rulership of the area. After surviving a rebellion and several assassination attempts, Stefan began building a prosperous nation. In AC 1006, Stefan was able to declare the nation independent from Thyatis. Since then the nation has continued to prosper.


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