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characters for one-shot adventure:
  • Erin – Ila, deva avenger
  • Heather – gnomish bard Beithe
  • Sarah – Goliath Warden!
  • Chris – Dalish the Dwarven Druid (Name and race subject to change, potentially a human named Baron ;)

Adventures (oldest first)

  • Chapter Two:
    • On Priestesses in Peril, Seeker Suckage and Fried Familiars – the party accompanies Adari on a trip to shadowelf-topia and stops over in Darokin on the way. We start a bar fight, investigate some hourglass dudes and help our a priestess of Corias.
    • A Town Full of Crazy – the party goes in search of the Tear of Corias for the shadow elves and Derek cuts Kyle’s hand off. We find some crazy people in the woods.
    • The Crazy Continues – the party continues the search for the Tear and in the process clears out an Illithid’s lair and travels to the shadowfell following some demons

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Imagery: Cyclops Slam Watch for Falling Rocks Eyem Watching You

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