Humans – Humans may come from nearly any of the nations of the known world. Humans in Karameikos are either of | Traldaran or Thyatian descent or are from foreign nations.

Dwarves – Most dwarves live in Rockhome, but substantial numbers live in Karameikos and Ylaruam as well. Most Karameiken dwarves belong to the Stronghollow clan.

Halflings – Most Halflings live in the Five Shires, but there are significant numbers of them in Karameikos as well. In addition, many troublemaking Halflings wander the world at a young age before settling down in the Five Shires.

Elves and Eladrin – These races stem from an ancient schism, a story known only to the most learned sages. Eladrin in Karameikos are most likely to be refugees from the former nation of Alfheim to the north or remnants of the Vyalia elves which immigrated from a southern continent. Most elves are Callarii elves from the native forests, though elves are more common than Eladrin in foreign nations.

Dragonborn – This race is most closely associated with the former empire of Alphatia though few can say where they originally came from. Since the destruction of Alphatia, Dragonborn have become very rare but many that survived have traveled to other parts of the world. They are greatly disliked in most of the nations which opposed Alphatia during the Wrath.

Tieflings – Tieflings are the remnants of the intrusion by fiends into the world and are rare. They are most common in nations where magic use is more common, such as Glantri and New Alphatia.


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