Seven Deadly Sins

The party hangs around to wait for Adari and friends, who we agreed to meet after three days. Unfortunately, due to the dissolving body, we can’t greet them with the head of Squidterba on a pike. Adari shows up by himself and tells us his buddies are trailing the slavers, who in the meantime have made contact with another dude of slavers and are traveling south-east of Pidlizni. He agrees to lead us there and we travel for a few days without incident.

Once we meet up with his posse they direct us towards a group of slavers, who we find being attacked by a group of trolls and a badger/boarbox. After we kill the monsters, we take the dead slavers stuff as payment. The group we saved claims not to know where the original group of slavers went, but gives us a riddle that was supposed to lead them to their buddies:

  • Upon considering that every beginning
  • has its end,
  • despite what is believed by many
  • learned magi,
  • some may discover that it is unwise to
  • envelop
  • light within a cloud of darkness, for a
  • cat can always find its way with
  • an open eye,
  • making its path easily, and it will
  • receive
  • not a single surprise through darkest
  • midnight.
  • What spell am I thinking of?

After torturing ourselves over this for at least an hour Sarah comes up with the answer: displacement. The riddle then morphs into an obscure clue about meeting “where the rings align over the water.” We head into Pidlizni to get info on this place. The town is full up of gaurds and nasty thug types. After checking the place out for a while the party finds a warehouse near the docks with an iron chain hanging out in front that may be the meeting place we’re looking for. Talia successfully sneaks in and hears some of the pre-Squidterba slavers arguing about money. The party enters the warehouse and feeds the slavers some story about how we were looking for them to continue our work. Thanks to a successful diplomacy role, we not get paid (100 gp each, bitches!) and also find out that Lucien has already been sold. We make up a story about wanting to give him to Flor as a birthday present to find out who he’s been sold to. Apparently, some creepy wizard dude and his friend with no eyes purchased Lucien and some horn artifact and have taken them to their cult hang out to the east. The cult worships something called the sleeper, who was slain and de-horned by Sir Malagant. We’re pretty sure they want Lucien’s royal blood and that horn artifact for some ritual to bring this nasty back.

The party meets up with the shadow elves and Adari re-joins the party for cult fun-time. We travel to the cult hang out, the entrance of which is some weird mustachioed stone carving of a face with an entrance via the mouth. We fight some cultists on at the entrance and Dagmar drops one in the mouth/entrance where he is impaled on spikes. Unfortunately, we also find Lucien impaled on the spikes. Oops. Adari volunteers to take Lucien’s body out of there and gives us his holy symbol as insurance that he won’t just make off (or make out) with the body. The party continues through the giant dungeon and Erin thinks she needs to get bigger paper if we’re going to be doing this thing often.

After a couple fights we reach the main chamber in which the wizard dude seems to be holding some nasty ritual. Fighting ensues. During the battle, Elhaymand the wizard totally have a girlfight and some bad guy fails his escape web save for a marathon number of rounds (though not as bad as the squidterba acid save-fest). At some point, nasty damage dealing blood starts to pool in the chamber and feed into the sarcophagus (a certain DM doesn’t let the party freeze or burn off the blood, which is total bullshit). After the fight we open the sarcophagus and find some nasty mummy with a horned vestigial twin licking up the blood. Eeeeeeeew. We chop it into tiny pieces.

The party explores the rest of the dungeon and finds some weird trap room with moving eye-tiles all over the floor and evil rope/zombie hybrids that try to hang a couple players and eventually attack en masse. Luckily, they are 1HP monsters and are easily dispatched. We eventually come across that eyeless dude who is chained up in some sort of torture room. Kinky. After we try to take his tome o’ evil, he sprouts some hulking abominations FROM HIS FREAKING EYES to fight us. After this battle, we discuss the steps one might need to take to gain such an awesome power. Bags of holding stuffed up nostrils and in codpieces are decided upon as viable options, possibly with zombie badgers (and mushrooms) inside.



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